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This Skin Care Brand Is Lucy Torres-Gomez’s Best Kept Secret

Lucy Torres-Gomez is the epitome of looking forever young. The 42-year-old politician and wife of veteran actor Richard Gomez has the kind of presence that makes everyone in the room stop and stare with a bated breath. And if you’re one of the mere mortals who’ve since been wishing to unearth her beauty secrets, well, the waiting game ends today—with the launch of her very own skin care line, Promise, Lucy talks to Preview about the natural ingredients she personally loves, her views on being beautiful, and what ultimately inspired her to create a local beauty brand and develop products that are literally promising. IMAGE Gab Gutierrez Please tell us about the brand Promise. “Promise is a feel-good brand, one...

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How to Banish Your Breakouts According to Lucy Torres-Gomez

Oh, how we love a tried-and-tested product—especially when it’s got the celeb stamp of approval. In her column last week on The Philippine Star, Lucy Torres-Gomez gave some practical skincare suggestions to a pimple-prone reader looking for a solution to frequent zits. And yes, she named names! “Try out the Promise Trecurase Kit,” Lucy wrote back. “It is a four-step skincare system that treats, cures, and erases acne and the scars it leaves.” As you’ve probably guessed, “Trecurase” is a portmanteau of the words Treat, Cure, and Erase. The kit features four products: the Tea Tree Soap, the Acne Cure Toner, the Pore Correct Solution, and the Scar Erase Cream. Together, this acne-fighting quartet transforms pockmarked, pimply skin into a...

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